Monday, October 1, 2012

Chinese Food Cure, Bus Hopping & No More Shyness


OOOKAY, so this week was interesting. So really nothing too notable... lets start with the worst news. So Friday morning I woke up at 2 AM vomiting and diarrheaing (yes, at the same time), and that was miserable. I think I ate something bad, but I have no clue what it would have been. Nonetheless Friday was no fun at all, but don´t worry as I am healthy now. Its actually a miracle that it took two months into the field to get this kind of sick, you know as a gringo in Central America. Every last Saturday of the month there is the "Festival Gastronomica", which is literally just a food party up at the tower park. People set up a tent and cook food and sell it, all sorts of cool things (that I didn´t eat) like armadillo, and normal things like pupusas. This evening I was still feeling a bit sick, but hungry because I ate nothing but white rice and Gatorade for two days. So we saw a tent selling Chinese food, we both saw it and were super excited to eat Chinese food here, because there just isn't Chinese food in San Vicente, there is a little bit in the capital, but none here. So we went and ate some Chinese Food, and it turned out the chef is an investigator of ours, who is also from the states, so he cooked really good food. After eating a plate full of stir fry, rice and won tons, my my diarrhea magically disappeared, so I guess Chinese Food was the cure!

So in this mission, we have a goal to talk to 140 people to find investigators, and this past week we have been doing terrible on that, so on Saturday in the afternoon we tried a new method of contacting people... Bus contacting. So here in El Salvador, there are people who hop on the buses to try and sell stuff and they hop off before the money collector comes around, which this method of selling stuff is perfectly legal, and it is a legit method of us missionaries contacting people! So what we do is we wait for a packed bus to come by, we hop on, we begin shouting who we are and a brief explanation of that we want to share a message, and we have to yell because these buses are so loud, kinda like monster trucks. Then we pass by each person on the bus and if they are interested we take down their info, then we hop off the bus when we see the money collector coming by! It is really nuts! We get like between 40 and 60 people in each round trip. It is super cool, and the references that we do get from the buses are good quality because the people don´t feel pressured into saying yes. So that was a lot of fun this week, we will probably use that method now and then.

So, today is day one of month 5 as a missionary. I really do feel like I have grown a lot since I first entered the MTC 4 four months ago! My Spanish skills sure have grown too! Yesterday I really realized that when I carried on a 45 minute conversation on my own with a guy after we had a FHE. This guy is an investigator, family of some members, and so he was there and he was really interested in hearing about my life in Washington. So at the end of that lengthy conversation I realized that yeah I really do speak Spanish now! That was a really big moral booster! Also this investigator supposedly has a girlfriend from Brooklyn who has the last name Vaughan, so that was interesting! These past two weeks I have really noticed that it is becoming a lot more natural to talk and listen to people, and teaching is so much easier!! I really have learned a ton, and I still have a lot more things to learn! Also, before the mission, I always felt like I had an element of shyness in front of people I didn´t know, but after being able to talk (yell) to 40 people in a foreign language on a loud bus, really that had to have scared away whatever remains of shyness I did have!

So these past four months have really flown by, just 5 more chunks of 4 and I am done! This will go by so fast, I can already tell! But now there is a lot of work to be done here! Sounds like things are going great at home (I think I have said that every email for 4 months now), but you are all doing good back home!! I love you all and miss you a lot! Have a great week!


Elder Vaughan

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