Monday, October 8, 2012

Alcohol, General Conference & Working Hard

Hello family and friends!

So this week was a very.. umm... interesting week. So first allow me to explain. So two Sundays ago we contacted a man and invited him to church, and he came with us and he had a great experience! He loved church and we set an appointment to go back and visit him. So we went to go pick him up for church and we got to his house, there he was passed out right on the concrete in front of the house, drunk as a skunk. Sadly, this kind of thing is something we see on a more than daily basis. One person who we thought would be a great investigator, unconscious in the street, its very sad. Before the mission I really didn´t hate alcohol, it was more of a thing that I never did and that makes people drunk, and that's all I thought of it! But now I really hate alcohol more than anything else in the world, it destroys people and destroys families, and it makes our work as missionaries super hard to do! 

Sorry for the depressing nature of this letter, but this week was tough, as we have a handful of investigators struggling with the problems of drinking, it is a MASSIVE challenge here. Another sad thing, Thursday morning a man in our neighborhood died  because of alcohol. (I tell you this parents because I trust you won´t call the prophet and demand he send me home because I'm in a sketchy place!) What happened is he was walking around drunk, stumbled fell and broke his neck on the sidewalk and died. Unfortunately we saw this man in his deceased mode lying on the ground as we were walking to the zone meeting in the morning. It is just very sad, the police came minutes later and cleaned up the mess. I can say with 100% confidence, that I will never let a drop of alcohol touch my tongue in my entire life. Its pure evil, destructive. It's sad.

So how about a happier topic? General Conference was great! I got to watch it with the gringo zone leaders in English which I was very happy for! The mission president encourages the Latinos who are learning English to listen in English too because that is the language of the prophets, untranslated. SO the conference was super good! When the prophet announced that 18 year old guys and 19 year old girls can now go on missions, everyone freaked out! It was cool, and we are excited to see more people coming on missions! It really is a great thing!! It is so great to hear that Spencer Wilcoxson and Jacob Thomas got their mission calls! I am very excited to hear more about their experiences! Good luck to you two as you enter the MTC very soon!

So it sounds like the presidential race is going great for the Mormon! Yesterday we were visiting a recent convert's house, and the lady asked me if I would vote for Obama and my response.. "NO HOMBRE!" which pretty much means "NO WAY MAN!" The lady laughed like crazy!! It was funny. I really don´t hear much about politics here, just what you guys tell me. Every once in a while I see something about Obama on the TV in peoples houses. So thanks for those little updates! 

A while ago I mentioned how the city of Tecoluca is part of our area and we go there once a week, when we went there this week we hopped on a bus, did our cool little bus preaching thing, and then hopped off before we got there. We walked a while down the road until another bus passed by, and we did the same! We hopped 3 buses to go a 25 minute distance! It was cool because we got a few references, and the passage was free! ;)

So I really am happy, healthy, and excited to continue working in the work of the Lord and all! :) We have a small handful of great people we are teaching, although some have issues with alcohol, we have the cure! ;) I am excited to work this week (how strange, right?) I think I hit that point when I am excited to go out and work! Even though it is hard, It is doable!

This week I got a package from Grandma Suzi, thank you very much! Me and my companion are going to enjoy that tuna cheese pasta stuff for lunch in a moment! :) And Mom, still waiting for the one you sent, which I will probably get when we have the change meeting in the capital in two weeks! I will let you know when I get it! It is great hearing from you all, and it is good to know that you are all doing great! I can´t wait to hear from you all next week! Have a great one! I love you all!

Love Elder Vaughan!

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