Monday, September 24, 2012

Climbed the Tower, Temple Trip & "It is what it is"


So another week, mostly average with a few cool twists! So the cool twists, first last Monday we climbed the tower here in San Vicente for the first time, it was a ton of fun! Such a pretty view!! I attached a picture from that which is cool! Our area covers from that street that the large catholic church is on all the way down into the jungle. I am glad we have finally climbed the tower, he have been wanting to do it for ages now!

Ok, Saturday was sweet. We had a mission wide activity at the temple (as you can see the pic of me and my comp at the temple). The activity was for all the non members and all the recent converts to get to know the temple and learn a little bit more about it! Which was great! Because of the activity some members may start to reactivate and a good handful of investigators had their interests perked and are now.. well more interested which is great! So we are hoping to have great things come from that!

I love the temple here, it is now on my list of favorites, I won´t number them because they are all houses of the Lord. For example, I really wasn´t too enthusiastic about the Guatemala temple because there's no windows. I don´t know, just not too interesting! But the temple here is just so epic compared to the other ones! And it is huge!!! Look how tiny those people are standing next to the temple! Its so cool. Also, it truly is a TON like the new Canada temple, its crazy how similar to the Canada one it is. Of course the one here is a million times bigger than the Vancouver one, but the layout is the SAME and the way it is furnished and all. Its so beautiful and we are glad that members and non members had the opportunity to learn more about it and see it!

Happy birthday Chris! You are now 21 right? You can buy beer now!!! But don´t ok? Enjoy something else instead!

So as far as the work goes this week, we are continuing searching and talking to people, it is tough as usual. But my new favorite quote is "It is what it is". That is what I tell myself when people reject us like crazy, or when we get soaked head to toe in a storm, or when I am just hungry and tired! Yesterday was tough especially, we talked to a ton of people, but they all rejected us hardcore. People telling us we are "perdidos" (lost), or people saying the Spanish equivalent of  "I don´t give a Da** what you have to say to me!" (that happened twice yesterday). Yeah, its real tough, but it is what it is and I know that my efforts have already payed off and will continue to benefit!

Other than that all is great! Pupusa count: 95, almost 100!!! So far all of the elders in my group from the MTC are keeping pupusa counts until the end of the mission... we will have some scary numbers... Anyways, I hope you all have another great week!! I love you all a lot! Talk to you next Monday! :)

Love, Elder Joshua

PS: Best of luck to Mohonri Dorff and Brandon Little in the MTC! You will be great missionaries! Good luck also to Spencer Wilcoxson and Riley Dufour as you prepare to get your own mission calls!

PSS: Mom. I can only think of two things in a package I want. Some skinny ties and some packets of crystal light or some kind of juice powder that I can throw in a water bottle because that sounds good! maybe like some gummy bears too, I don't know what else! I say skinny ties because they are so in style here and I only have one of them! Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you :)

Also the verse I want on my plaque is this one I think. Alma 37:6 and 7 if it talks about the "small and simple things" that would be the one! :) Thanks!!! Talk to you next Monday!!!

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