Monday, August 6, 2012

San Vicente, Nacho Libre Buses & No Salad


Well I am here! First things first, my trainer is Elder Tenecora, he if from Ecuador. It is just the two of us living in our house! So that really forces me to speak all Spanish, this is actually tough typing in English because I have always been thinking in Spanish. Anyways, I am in the city of San Vicente, about an hour away from San Salvador! Well I guess I´ll start the story from the moment I left Guat.

So we got on a bus, then drove to San Salvador, nothing special, just a bus that the church hired to take us, no chickens or goats or anything. About three hours later we arrived in San Salvador to the house of President Glazier. Nothing cool happened on the drive there, sorry to disappoint! And that was Monday. We spent all of Monday and Tuesday at the Presidents house which is really nice, just for some beginning training stuff. On Tuesday we got to go to the temple which was sweet! It has got to be one of my favorite temples!! It was a really cool experience. While we were in San Salvador me and two other gringo missionaries stayed in a house about 4 miles away from the president´s house and the house doubled as a clinic of some lady, so I slept for two nights in a sketchy clinic! That was cool.

So, on Wednesday we had the exchange meeting where I found out who my new companion would be! And from there we walked out of the chapel with all of my luggage and we waved down a taxi who took us to a bus station about 5 minutes awyay, and the taxi rides are nuts, everyone drives like they're on a NASCAR track, no me gusta. Well when we got to the gas station it was insane, tons of buses and people all yelling and we had to find our way to a bus going to San Vivcente! Well no chickens on this bus either, but all the buses either look like Nacho Libre´s orphanage got ahold of them and painted them or Xzibit took them on MTV and Pimped their rides! We got a Nacho Libre bus, nothing special to report for the bus ride! Well the bus dropped us of in the centeer of San Vicente and we walked about a half mile to our home and began to work!

Well, the work is tough, it is so hot here and we do so much walking. We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday but the kid disappeared off the face of the earth, so we will see what happens with that! Right now we are teaching a few investigators and lots of recent converts! It is going pretty well. It is so hard to understand what people say, but when it comes to me saying whatever it is that I want to say, no problem! Well I think by the end of this month we should have one or two baptisms.

Well, the food. Sometimes amazing, and sometimes as I am eating it I feel like throwing up. It just depends. Sometimes I just have no clue what I am eating, yuck. And sometimes its fairly good, and sometimes it is super delicious! We have a lady across the street that cooks our breakfasts and lunches, the breakfasts are the hardest to down, one day I literally felt like puking, I dont even know what it was!

Well as far as the place it is pretty poor, most of the houses have metal roofs and everynight it rains in the winter (yes it is winter)and we have seen some pretty sweet thunderstorms, because everytime it rains, it thunders! Me gusta. So there have been a few times when we are in a sketchy neighborhood and I feel like we need to leave (MS13, drunks, or whatever reason(seriously dont worry about this stuff, the missionaries have never had problems really with gangsters!)) I can feel those promptings that we need to leave, and well we do that! I know that we are protected from dangers, and all will be well! The biggest danger is me not being able to hold a meal down because I dont know what I am eating! Which I have been successful so far! The food is tough because it is so greasy and quite honestly not healthy, so I take my vitamins everyday for that reason. Everyday I just ask myself ¿how come we can't ever have like a salad?

Well, I am super tired and I have a lot to do! It is really nice hearing from you all as usual, sounds like all is great! I miss and Love you all!

Love Elder Vaughan!

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