Monday, August 13, 2012

No Water, Being Tall & Thunderstorms


Well another p-day is here already! Well not too much has happened other than the usual. The first of the week was really dumb because there was no water in our house and so we had to shower out of a bucket and dump buckets of water down the toilet to flush. It was no bueno, about 3 days without water. But now we have water, so all is good! I got to shower this morning which was great! Although there is only cold water, that is just a fact of life I will have to learn to get used to!

So the food is getting a little better, well no it isn't, I think my stomach is getting a little more steel plated! I still don't like the food too much! But every once in awhile there is something good that is really satisfying! I will come to get used to this food over time! Well our house is cool, it has enough room for about 6 missionaries, but it is only us two in there because President Glazier likes having only two missionaries in each house!

So the work here is pretty tough, lots of walking and getting rejected, but whatever, it is what it is! So we have set three baptism dates for the 25th of this month for Franklin, Ceci, and Maybelline. So we will all be working hard to follow through on that baptism date!! This week we also have gotten lots of referrals and we will be doing lots of contacting and many first lessons and hopefully some great new people to teach. So last night we were at the house of Delmi, an investigator, and we were following up to see if she had prayed about the Book of Mormon and all of that good stuff, she said that she recieved an answer to her prayer and she said that she needed to stay in the Catholic church, which is totally a bummer! She was a strong person and after many lessons she just pulls the Catholic card. It stinks. But no worries! We will go out and find many more great people!

So, Elder Tenecora is the District Leader and he had to go to San Salvador for a leadership meeting, so I stayed behind and went working with two other elders, one Elder from Colombia and another Elder Panama. It's really cool working with these guys from all sorts of different countries! Although I miss speaking English with gringos! And dang I feel so tall here in Central America. Back at home I was not really tall, but not short either, just an average height you know. But here I am HUGE! I'm always hitting my head on things and being taller than people! Its strange, but funny!

So Last night we taught a first lesson to a guy named Thomas, he has a tiny sewing shop in his home with his son. And it went really well, and we hope that we will be able to make some progress with him! I am definitely getting better at understanding Spanish, which was honestly a big challenge at first, but not so bad now! The gift of tongues really is something real, and it really has helped me communicate with people! I can almost always get my points and thought across in one way or another to people, with the exception of a few times when I am trying to tell my companion something cool or funny, I cant really get it across to him, and that is sometimes frustrating, but that will also improve over time! When we have meetings with the other missionaries it is always so good to speak English with them! I really do think its better to be set with a Latino because he speaks no English and it really helps even though it is the hard way to do it!

So this past weekend was the District Conference for all of the branches in San Vicente, and President Glazier and his wife were there for the meetings on Saturday and Sunday. It was cool to see them because they are always enthusiastic and they give good talks at meetings which is great! Our branch is called "The Espiga", I have no clue what that means, but we have a nice new church building in town and everyone here knows about it! Which in that building is where we do the emails on Mondays, in the family history room. And this church building is really nice and I love coming to it because it has got to be the nicest building in all the city!

So here we have whats called a Super Selectos, which is a grocery store and we can get stuff like fruit, cereal, milk, deodorant and all that good stuff. So really we have access to some good stuff here. So here along with the buses to get around, we have "pickups" which are literally pickup trucks with large beds and rails you can hold on to and they will take you around town for a quarter, and sometimes they cram 20 people on them, as they are really long bed pickups. And we take those sometimes and they are really fun actually, and we talk to people as missionaries do here and its really cool!

As far as weather goes it has been really cloudy, which is a nice break from the heat, and just about everyday it rained and rained like crazy! and every night there are these crazy thunderstorms. So it is really legit! I love the rain, but its annoying when were walking and tracting and stuff.

Well, I feel like I am forgetting a thousand and one things to say. If I remember them I will write it down and share them next Monday! Well it sounds like things are really great and busy at home! I miss you all a lot and I can't wait to hear from you all again next week!


Elder Vaughan

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