Saturday, July 21, 2012

Motab, Very Large Beetles & a Temple Blackout

Hola! Well I cant believe another week is in the books! Umm, one more week left and then I go to Salvador on Monday the 30th or something, last week I said it was Tuesday, just kidding I am leaving on a Monday, and I don't know anything else about my travel plans other than were taking a bus and it'll take a few hours!

Things here at the Guatemala MTC are so unorganized compared to the way things were in Provo, I secretly love it! Well just a while ago I was outside playing some futbol again and across the street some party was happening and there was a live mariachi style band with blazing trumpets, booming drums and loud bass, it was legit. Some missionaries were poops and saying "ahhh we cant listen to this, what are we going to do?" Ok that's mean, but I just dealt with it because All Ive heard for the past nearly two months is motab... whenever I try and listen to some Paul Cardall or something good (our teacher put tons of music on the computer in our classroom) people freak out and say "were only allowed to listen to motab!!!" Which is so false. So false. The missionary handbook says music that invites the spirit, which Paul Cardall does! One song the lyrics are all all about Jesus and how he is the worthy lamb, or something to that effect, and just because it isn't a hymn people think we cant listen to it... grrr... anyways, It was nice hearing something other than motab for once!

So the title of my email says "very large beetles", you may be wondering why. Well the reason is yesterday on the futbol court we found a huge rhinoceros beetle and I held it in my hand, it literally filled the whole space of my palm and its shell was hard as rock! Freakiest thing I ever saw or held! And its legs had hooks so the punk cut my hand when I tried to hand him off to someone else! anyways, that was interesting! I always wondered if I would see big bugs here, that definitely answered my question... well it was too big to even be a bug, it was an animal, a critter... eh freaky! Soo I don't think anything else noteworthy has happened this week, oh wait we went to the temple on Tuesday and in the middle of the session the power went out so we did a pitch black temple session, well for half of it. And they used a flashlight to read the words and stuff. It was very interesting!

Oh and this Monday, as in two days from now, we get to go trackting again from 9:00 to 1:00, but this time with no Latino help! Only us gringos on our own. It will be lots of fun this week! An then the Monday after that it is to El Salvador! From what I hear when we get to El Salvador we get to go to the beach and play futbol which will be lots of fun, but I don't know how we got to the beach if San Salvador isn't on the coast. Anyways we will see! Time is up again and I look forward to hearing from you all in the future!! I also acknowledge emails I get from grandparents, I don't have time to reply to them all here, that should change when I get to the field! I love you all, talk to you next week!


Elder Vaughan

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