Saturday, July 14, 2012

Currency Explained, Central Plaza & Soccer

Well this has been an interesting week, and I am sorry if you have been waiting to get an email, they switched our schedule around so sorry if I had you waiting a couple hours longer than normal!

So before I forget, all I know as far as travel plans is I THINK the San Salvador missionaries are leaving on the 30th (Tuesday I think?) which is one day before the other Guatemala peeps, and we will be going by bus, and from what I hear it's only about a 3 hour drive, so no big deal here.

So Tuesday was the big day where we all went to the central markets and Central Plaza and this other park I will talk about in a moment. Well we went to the markets and I didn't get anything because I only changed enough US dollars into Quetsales that I needed for lunch because in a couple weeks I will have no need for the Quetsales, I got 154.60 Q. which is exactly equal to $20, So the park we went to cost 50, the bus 50, and lunch at Wendy's was 49, So I have one Quetsal and some centavos left, so about 20 cents in US standards. I need my money in US dollars since that is what is used in El Salvador!

So first we went to this park that had a huge map of Guatemala (about 200 feet by 200 feet) that has all the mountains and stuff mapped out in 3 dimensions, it was super sweet, other than the fact it only had Guat on the map and not El Salv! I took some pictures of that and I will send them home when I am in the field when I don't have Nazi MTC computers! Then we went in to the center of town and wandered around the plaza and markets for a few hours, it was craziness. Lots of shops selling handmade woven and leather products such as bags, hammocks, mochilas, blankets and so forth. And then there was the food area that had meat, fruits, vegetables and some cooked foods, that was crazy, places would have huge slabs of meat hanging in their shops and they weren't refrigerated (it was blazing hot) and flies were flying everywhere and it smelled sick. After that we all went to Wendy's and had some cheeseburgers which was well, Wendy's.

So Learning Spanish continues here as normal! Oh, another thing, they have so many police here, and we always hear sirens going off and stuff. All the cops have pickup trucks and they fly down the road with their sirens blazing and about 5 or 7 AK47 armed officers standing in the bed of the truck! Every time we hear sirens go by it looks like they're headed off to war, it's really nuts.

Umm This morning I played soccer for a couple hours as it was P-Day, super fun, I scored three goals today, I was kicking trash. The soccer field is concrete and tiny, surrounded by concrete walls, It is so much fun! But I'm all hot and sweaty now, so I am going to shower now and go get some minutes!

Well Time is up for today! It is great hearing all is well at home!! I love you all so much!

I'll talk to you all next week!


Elder Vaughan

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