Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bus Ride, Rejection & Success

Wow, it sounds like everything at home is super busy and yet super fun! Sounds like things are getting back on track at work with the website working properly and potentially hiring some good employees to help with the work!! Also I am excited for Jenni to get her patriarchal blessing today! That will be such a cool experience for her!

So on Monday morning they took all us missionaries and threw us on a public bus and we got off about 9 or 10 bus stops away from the CCM and we were left there to tract and find people to teach for 3 or 4 hours! Now, that was a great experience!! It was tough as you know, everyone speaks a foreign language! Everyone was so discouraged afterwards, I was the only one saying that it went "¡muy excellente!".

We got rejected many times, which was expected, and I just laugh it off. We go up to doors and say "Buenos días, somos misioneros de la Iglesia de Jesu.." BOOM door slammed in face! I think it's funny in a way, I don't know, I am strange! We only contacted one person who was actually interested in learning, and this is probably why everyone was discouraged. I guess all the Utah n00bs expected to baptize by the hundreds in the Waters of Mormon, but really nobody wants to talk to us. And that is what I expected, so when we contacted one guy who wanted to learn more, I was really happy and felt like it was a success!! People are so fixed on the numbers of people they contact, and that really kills their morale when they get a low number, which really doesn't matter at all!

Anyways. This man we met was named Carlos. We were walking on the edge of the neighborhood and there was this sketchy looking shack/house/thing and there was a man sitting outside in a wheel chair working on a broken motorcycle and there were about a dozen chickens and 3 dogs running around his property. In the background there was some legit Mexican music playing! We approached his property which was surrounded by a fence and gate, and we said hola and he invited us in his gate and we started talking to him! He said he wanted to talk to us because nobody ever comes over for any reason and to put things short, we set up for the other missionaries to come back later and teach him, and we gave him a Libro de Mormón to read up on before the missionaries come by later! He had a few kids and a wife around the house too!

So yeah, It was a great experience to actually be out there practicing the language and all! We still have a lot to learn here, but My Spanish skills are pretty good, especially considering that I have only been speaking for 5 weeks now I think, maybe 5 and a half, I don't know! So at church on Sunday, our chapel is nearby the temple, and it was fast and testimony meeting. And I bore my testimony in front of our mostly Latino branch, and when I was done, I don't even remember what I had really said! I feel like it is becoming easier and easier to speak the language!! Anyways, time is up, It is good hearing from you all! Love you all!


Elder Vaughan

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