Saturday, June 30, 2012

Professional Chefs, Call Center Aspirations & a Man with a Shotgun

Hey everyone!! It seems like everything is going wellish at home! And things here are going pretty well, the days are honestly really boring as all we do is sit in class all day everyday! Umm, although this beats the Provo MTC because we have professional chefs whereas in Provo BYU students cook all the food! So I like it here! Also we are allowed to leave the MTC grounds to go to the temple grounds and practice our Spanish skills with some of the random people we come across there!

Yesterday I met a few guys who are from El Salvador, in Guatemala to learn English so they can get a job at a calling center. They are putting so much into getting this simple boring job, it really puts things into perspective for me because nobody in the states would ever dream of working at a call center, where here that is these guys goal! So anyways, on Monday we are going to either zona 1 or zona 5 to go tracting... YEAH crazy!!! we will be going on splits with a Latino Elder and hopefully finding someone we can teach! I am very excited and very nervous! What a crazy experience that will be!

Hmm so last P-Day we didn't go to the market because there was confusion as to when the market people were to show up, so maybe we will go today! Also, at the end of week three here we all will be going to zona 1 (city center) where they have all the big Catholic buildings, huge markets and that! That will be a really cool experience, I don't plan on buying much because I don't want to carry around random stuff for two years. There will be plenty of opportunities in El Salvador to buy cool stuff too. We will see.

So the other day at the temple when we were walking back to the MTC, another elder bet me 10 quetzals (not even a dollar) that I wouldn't go talk to the gas station guard who was armed with a shotgun in his hands, so yeah. That's what I did! It was cool! He was a happy dude and It was cool talking to him!

Anyways, we only have 14 computers here for 130 missionaries, so my time is now up. I will send you all a letter to hopefully tell you more stuff there! I love you all a lot and look forward to hearing from you soon!


Elder Vaughan!

PS: I can't remember which day I leave to El Salvador, I will be flying there though, I will let you know more details next time and when I know more!

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