Monday, June 11, 2012

Groundhog Day, the Pantry and the Police Station

Well, I am trying to upload pictures here to this email, but the MTC has nazi computers, so I don't think I can send pictures home from this dumb machine. I don't even have that many pictures anyways, maybe when I have access to a non nazi computer in Central America I will send you the pictures! One thing this place lacks is free agency, but I guess its okay because we're missionaries and all! I can't believe how little you can to with these computers, you know windows explorer, or whatever that program is that you use to view your files? Well these computes don't even have that, I didn't think that was possible! Anyways, I might just have to wait to send back pictures, unless you all know some special way I can get them home!

So I have been asked what the one hardest thing I have had to overcome here is, well really nothing is. I feel like Tom Hanks (or whoever that was) in Groundhog Day. Everyday I wake up, play basketball for 45 minutes, go eat, learn Spanish, eat, learn Spanish, eat and learn more Spanish really. Being a missionary we just study, eat, study, eat, study, eat and sometimes teach. When were teaching in Spanish the doctrine is so simple to begin with that it's not even that hard, and since those in El Salvador aren't very educated, we get to keep the doctrine simple. Its great. I lost track of how many lessons we have taught in Spanish now (we haven't done any in English), probably 7 or 8? I don't know. I hear that all the English speaking missionaries have to teach super deep doctrine, which is great for me because I don't know much to begin with sooo yeah.

So Aunt Staci sent me a package with food, which I am grateful for! There's this Mongolian missionary on my floor of the residence halls who always comes and talks to me (his English is just about as good as my Mongolian), and he always eats that caramel corn Staci sent me! He loves it! Also Mom sent me a package, we have so much food in our room everyone calls our room the pantry, its the best way to live! Also thanks to the Thomas family for that card they sent me! I forget what day things happen on, like I said before, Groundhog Day.

Soo sometime this week I got all my travel plans, they are as follows:

June 19, 2012

Delta Airlines
Flight # 1211
Leave at 8:15 PM
Arrive at 9:20 PM

Delta Airlines
Flight # 457
LAX to GU(Guatemala City)
Leave at 11:59 PM
Arrive at 5:54 AM

(I don't know what time zones these arrival and departure times are in)

So we will be leaving the MTC around 4:30 PM (Utah time). After we are through security and at the gate, I can use a pay phone and call home. So be ready, I will call. I will buy a calling card here at the MTC for there because if you pay debit/credit on the phones there, it is literally between $20-$50 a MINUTE. So I will buy a calling card here so it will be significantly cheaper the phone. Umm.. Luggage, I will try my best and keep my bags at a reasonable weight you know, and whatever the charges are I will throw on my debit card! I think that's all the important info I need to share as far as travel goes!

So in our travel group there will be 10 of us going to the CCM in Guat and then moving on to El Salv, there is another group of 11 who are leaving that morning but are serving in the Guat mission. So yeah! A few days ago I got to go on a field trip to the police station here in Provo(logne) to get background checks or whatever so we can go to El Salv. Thanks for raising me well and helping me keep a crime free life, there is another elder who went with us to the police station who cannot go because when he went to BYU he beat up a kid and did some things that I probably shouldn't discuss as a missionary, so I'll let you all use your imaginations on that one! So yeah, sad to be him! He won't be going to El Salvador.

So, since I have been here, I have never heard of so much talk of basketball in my whole life!!! All the guys are all talking about basketball non-stop!!! I don't compehend! Its really just insane that they can talk so long about these BBall players and stuff. What really amazes me is how many teams and players they all know the names, jersey #s and records of... and yet nobody remembers that 'Vaughan' has an 'a' right before the 'n'!! Especially since I wear my name on my shirt all day, seriously, It isnt that hard to do. Anyways! Life is good, the Spanish is good! And yes I saw sister Coon the other day in the cafeteria and said hi to her! Hmmm... I know that right after I log out I will forget 100 things I still need to mention... Oh well! Have a great week!


Elder Vaughan! (The elder who lives in the pantry and knows nothing about basketball)

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