Monday, June 4, 2012

Drinking from a Fire Hose

Hello World!

I have been doing great, as Dad said in a DearElder letter to me, the MTC is like drinking from a firehose! Oh how right he is!!! Lets just say that the English speaking missionaries are so lucky!

On Friday (2nd full day) we taught our first 'investigator' (probably an actor) EN SPANISH!!!!! Holy swear word that is one of the hardest things I have ever done! Just imagine teaching someone the gospel in a language you don't know, especially when you're a noob like me and don't know the content of the discussions very well! Our investigator's name is Sergio (pronounced serhio) he is supposedly from Argentina and knows Spanish and ONLY Spanish! Flippin nuts this is!

It is very stressful learning the language and everything, but when I look at how much I have learned in just a few days, it truly is amazing! Tomorrow afternoon around 4 or 5 we have our third discussion with Sergio, we're going real slow and are still on lesson one, it is really tough because we know what we want to say but we don't know how to portray our thoughts and feelings en Español.

So I did send a short letter home the other day and I don´t know if you got it yet or not, I am sending another for Mom and Dad today!

So my compañero´s name is Elder Derrick Jorgensen, he is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and was a fellow Aggie up at USU! So he's a pretty cool dude... er Elder. We get along so far well and things are good with us. On Thursday I was chosen to be the Senior Compañero, which really ins´t too special when in el CCM (Español for MTC, pronounced "el se se emmay").

My Spanish teacher whom we spend between 3 and 6 hours a day with is from El Salvador, El nombre es Hermano Sanchez. E. Jorgensen and I are the only two elders in my district to go to El CCM en Guatemala after 3 weeks here, there´s one other elder in the district next door who will be joining us. I look forward to leaving Provo, this place is like unto a prison. So yes, I just got back from a temple session, it was good, other than the fact it was in Provo(logne).

So, like I said, this place is like a prison, everything about El CCM is very prison-like, its sad. Actual prisoners get more outdoor time than us elderes (yup that's no typo, thats how to say elders en Español). So the travel office here in the CCM says that my "Estimated departure date (for El CCM en Guatemala)" is June 19, which I think means it may change. I do not know my address there yet, I will still have the same old access to email I hope, and who knows how long letters take! I will try and find out as much info as possible to help you all out!

So you know how women are notorious for being super self-conscious about their appearance? Well I feel like men are even more so than women. I am so SICK of hearing these big, fit, healty, buff elders say crap like "uugh, I'm so small I wish I was bigger" or "I'm only 6'1", I need to be taller." Like what the crap dudes, man the crap up! Seriously though, men can be so annoying like that.

So I can already say that being en el CCM is the hardest thing I have ever really done, the Español is so frustrating because we all just dove right it literally 5 minutes after I was dropped off here on Wednesday! I have had a couple days where I have felt really stressed out and felt like this was impossible, and sometimes I have thought things like "Why the swearword am I even here???" But I have been doing better, the key is by goal setting and always having the spirit with you. In the DearElder Dad sent me he quoted John McCain (You know, the one guy who would have made a better Prez than that Barry punk?) He Said something along the lines of "courage is not overcoming your fears, it is having the something to something... "******DAD, HELP FINISH THE QUOTE, I FORGOT IT EXACTLY AND I DONT HAVE THE LETTER ON ME. THANKS :). Oh how true that statement is!

["We are taught to understand, correctly, that courage is not the absence of fear, but the capacity for action despite our fears." John McCain]

Also I took a few pictures yesterday at our temple walk, I don't have my camera on me now sadly, but next week I will send them, maybe even with some more pictures I take this week! Thanks to all who have written me letters or sent me one using the DearElder, I like handwritten ones and the DearElder ones, use whichever you prefer! :) As any form of communication is great!! I love and miss you all!!


Elder Vaughan

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