Saturday, June 23, 2012

AK-47 Rifles, Ruth's Chris Steak House & USU Beats BYU

¡Hola! Well the first few days here have been going pretty well for me! Learning the language is still crazy, especially where it is the only language spoken here! The craziest thing is how there are armed guards all over everything! The temple, zoos, gas stations, the MTC, everything has guards armed with AK47s and shotguns, its really intimidating haha! It is good though because they keep us safe...right? haha.

I don´t really know what all to say, the MTC here really is many many times nicer and cleaner than Provo! The Provo(logne) MTC was so boring in a way, and this feels more like a vacation home! And the food, lets say The food here is like unto Ruth´s Chris Steak House, and Provo's food is like Buzz Inn Steak House. That's kinda the difference in the food here! The food is mostly normal things such as steak and potatoes and spagetti and other normal stuff, except it all has this crazy Guatemalan twist, I love it! We all love it here so much more.

Also I am greatful for the opportunity to learn here where I can learn Español much faster and more correct (based on how they speak it down here). The coolest thing is that we get to leave the MTC grounds from time to time, which really helps the moral you know, like in Provo we never really left the MTC haha. For example today, sometime later we will have the opportunity to go to a market nearby and go shopping for some goodies! I am really looking forward to that!

And to get the local money I will just use the ATM here in the MTC, so no worries there! On Tuesday we will get to go to the temple (go inside it), we already have walked the grounds before! I am looking forward to that!

So my compañero es el Elder Barton, he is from Tooele Utah, and he is a student at USU as well, there are more USU students here than BYU, it's legit!

So another crazy thing is the traffic, there are so many cars and they all drive at least 50 mph down the streets here in the city!! They are all insane! I felt like I was about to die on the bus ride from the airport to here! Everyone is such a crazy driver! I can´t believe it! When people ride the bus they just stand right in the door of the bus while the door is open and is cruising at 50 mph, then when they get off, the busses dont even stop all the way (mine did though), so people literally jump off the bus while it is still in motion!

Anyways, unfortunately my time is up here! I will be sending out a letter as well, so keep an eye open for that in the next week or two, I don´t know how long the mail will take! It is great to hear all you have to say! I miss and love you all a lot!

Have a great week!


Elder Vaughan

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