Monday, May 12, 2014

Last Email Home, Excitement for the Future & See You Thursday

Here's the most recent pic of me at a multizone meeting last Thursday. Eating a very tiny lunch, seriously, those lunches just make me more hungry. Anyways, enjoy the picture.

Well this is it. The day that never comes has finally come. Well almost. Just a couple more to work hard, get stuff done, then Wednesday and Thursday will be super chillax. I have nothing to say.

I am sad to have to leave this place, even though bean and cheese stuffed tortillas are the best thing this place has to offer, I will miss everything about it. Especially the people. The food will be hard to leave too. The food I once dreaded, I am going to miss so bad. This reminds me of how the Lord made the raw meat taste good to Nefi and his family while they traveled in the desert. I think that same principle has applied here.

I'm real excited for all the things that are to come in life, work, studying (yes Mom, I will actually study this time), eventually getting a family going, having a bunch of mini-Vaughan's running around calling you "grandma and grandpa". It's okay Dad, don't cry about being old, in the resurrection we will all have young handsome healthy bodies again. No need to worry. 

Well that's that. I have learned so much here and have been able to grow in so many ways. I don't know why or how to even explain it. Thanks for all of your support and all :) You have been good parents to me. See you on Thursday at 5:35 PM.

Love, Elder Vaughan

Monday, May 5, 2014

No Time to Email, Dreadful Heat & Al Estilo Guanaco


Sorry, I just spent most of my time emailing other people and I don't have much time to write you for now. We will have to make up for that on Sunday when we Skype. I really don't have anything interesting to report for this week. Just getting stuff done as always here in the dreadful heat of El Salvador. I can't believe that this is almost over already. I sure will miss this country and all the things about it. The food I used to hate and have a hard time digesting, will be surely missed. We will have to have a couple pupusa parties and maybe Ill make you some other food "al estilo guanaco", Salvadoran Style. I really don't have much experience cooking here, because other people have cooked for me the whole mission, but well see what miracles I can whip up in the kitchen. Have a great week this week. See you on Skype this Sunday!

Elder Vaughan

Monday, April 28, 2014

Crazy Things, Mormon Night & New People to Teach


Apologies for not being able to write last week, we had a crazy day with some unexpected crazy things that happened, so for that, I was not able to write you. Once I am home I will tell you the action packed story of why I couldn't write last Monday, but here I am now, all is well here!

Umm.. So the missionary work here is going great for us. In our neighborhood where we live there is a little "community house" where people can do whatever event for stuff. So last night we did a big Mormon night there and a ton of people showed up and we got to meet some new people to teach in out own neighborhood. That was way cool.

In the next couple of weekends we may have a baptism or two. That will be way cool.

Honestly I don't have much else for now. I think we will figure out what we will be doing for the mothers day call, I will keep y'all updated as we make our plans. You are all pretty much available whenever right? cool.

Have an awesome week,

Elder Vaughan

PS. I no longer have a set of English scriptures, since I gave them away to Elder Muñoz, the Chilean. I just never really used them, and I gave it to him since he uses it more. So could you hook me up with some English scrips. I kinda like using the triple combination separate from the bible. So if you could please order me that so I have some scrips in our language when I am back there at church and stuff. Thanks.

PS2. I'm also wondering if all is set for my registration for college classes and stuff, I have no clue what's going on there. that's all, peace.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Starting from Zero, Help From Members & Progress


This week was somewhat interesting. First off last Monday we had the baptism of Eduardo, the only sad thing is that it technically doesn't count as my baptism since the area was divided and he is not on my side of things. Either way, it was a great baptism and I was glad I had the chance to teach him and help him prepare for the baptism. 

The other one we were hoping to baptize won't be able to because her parents don't want her to yet. So she will have to wait to be a little bit older to do that. Annoying, but whatever. We are still happy to have helped her in her spiritual progress, and we will continue visiting to encourage her.

Other than that, I am really annoyed with my side of the area, because it is the side that Elder Caballero and I hardly ever worked in, so really we had to start from zero. But, whatever, we are really trying to get the members going and working with them, because most of them are straight up dead. The family that is supposedly "helping" the other girl get baptized, they don't come to church with her because they have to go to the beach every Sunday to swim and some other very important activities. Nothing is more annoying than members that don't help us after we do everything for them. 

Other than them there are some good members here, and they are helping us and things are really starting to get going here. It will be cool to see the progress in this mission in the years to come.

That's about all for now. I hope you all have a good week. Until next time!

Love, Elder Vaughan

Monday, April 7, 2014

Elder L., No Room For Noobs & 18 verses 19 year olds


Well this week was interesting. Me and Elder Caballero are still in La Pacifica, but they sent us two more missionaries, dividing the area in two. My comp is now Elder Llamacponcca, seriously, good luck with pronouncing that one. He's from Peru. Elder Caballero is now with Elder Ponce on the other side of the area. The four of us are living in a tiny house, while trying to find a new one. Nobody warned us that they were going to divide the area until a few hours before our new companions showed up in our area. So this week has been pretty nuts, looking for house and all, sleeping like dogs on the floor ha ha. That's the mission. 

We are really running out of places to put all the missionaries that are coming in. There are hardly any wards or branches that only have one companionship of missionaries. We are running out of places to put the missionaries. Our area was already super small, and now its even smaller. So that will be fun working this tiny area.

I cant believe that it is registering time again for school. I was wondering if it what classes would be necessary to redo and which ones not. I plan on spending a decent amount of time this summer studying my text books to get back up to speed on mainly the Math and the CS classes. Let me know what kind of schedule you get set up for me!

About the choice of serving at 18 or 19 years old... It's a toss up. Really, I am glad I came at 19, rather than 18. There are pros and cons for both. Waiting another year would give Jesse more time to prepare spiritually and stuff. Which is a huge advantage. A lot of 18 y.o. missionaries come here and simply aren't ready, because mom and dad pushed them out the door. But Either way, they learn on the mission. The biggest downside of going at 19 is having to do a year of school, then forget the stuff you learn, but I don't think that will be that hard anyways. Personally for me, I prefer leaving at 19 years. But if Jesse is ready, go ahead and boot him out. That is a choice he needs to make though. Good luck with that. 

Well... That's all I have time for now. I hope you all have an awesome week! 

Love Elder Vaughan

PS -- Thanks mom for taking care of my school junk!  You're the best

PS2 -- Is Mother's Day the Sunday before I go home? because if so, we will get another Skype call before I come home! :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Baptisms Pending, Taught a Lesson on a Roof & Six Weeks Left

Hello World...

It's hard to believe that another week has gone by. Really, I don't even feel time anymore. It is the weirdest thing. Other people who were missionaries before can probably relate.

This week was slightly disappointing, we were expecting two of our investigators to be baptized, but for logistic issues and other things. But the good thing is that they are ready to be baptized and all, so on April 12 we plan on doing that baptism. So yeah, that will be cool.

One of those two investigators is named Eduardo, and he is the nephew of the 1st counselor of the branch. We have been teaching him for two weeks and he is all ready to be baptized. The other day we helped them with a service project, replacing the roofing on their house. Unfortunately the project took most of the day because the people delivering the roofing material showed up late and all, but in the late afternoon we finished. So we decifed to just teach Eduardo the last lesson since we were already there. We just so happened to be on the roof of the house, when we decided to just teach him the lesson on the roof. I can see the mission president doing a huge facepalm to that, but it was funny, and believe it or not, a very spiritual lesson!

Well, this week is the change meeting, I don't know if I will have changes or not, I doubt it, but who knows. That means there are only 6 more weeks left and then I will be home. That's weird. I have the weirdest feeling of being super excited and super sad, knowing that I will probably never see this place or most of the people I know here again. But yeah. That's that.

I don't have much else to report for now. I hope you all have a great week. Talk to you all next time!

Love, Elder Vaughan

Monday, March 24, 2014

Usual Challenges, Don't Over-Complicate Missionary Work & Opportunities Will Be Presented

Now that I am towards the end of my mission, I am finding it hard to find new or interesting things to say! Things are great here, there are always the usual challenges here in the stuff, but nothing new. So far, it looks like we will be having two baptisms for April, they are pretty solidly committed and everything, so hopefully all will go well.
Mom, you asked if I had an official release date, I am still guessing May 15th, because May 14th will be the transfer day, then the flight will be the following day. The fact is that this is my 15th change, the next will be the 16th change, making it my last. But, just in case, I sent an email to the office, asking for the official day so you can make plans or whatever.
Really, I don't have much else to say... My mind is drawing the biggest blank ever.
I can really relate to what Dad was saying about the missionary work in the ward. Too many people here (members and other missionaries) overcomplicate missionary work. Its really not complicated, we just need to work like missionaries have always done, and the members need to be the missionaries best friends and be good friends to everyone else. That's really it, if people do that then the opportunities will present themselves to share the gospel!
That is unfortunately all that have to share for now, maybe this week will be more interesting for me here. I hope you all have a great week, don't get caught in any mudslides or anything.

Love Elder Vaughan